Reporting to: Innovation Technology Lead / Global Head of Innovation


Have you deployed full apps end-to-end with major involvement in shipping and customer understanding? Do you enjoy developing front-end, back-end, deployment and analytics, including working with open source frameworks & technologies? Do you have a growing set of tools that gets you there faster with minimal bespoke code e.g. Docker? Can you manage a support team of researchers and product managers to fill in the gaps so you can build with momentum? We’re looking for You.


  • Build stable, documented and encapsulated API clients for the Sokowatch API
  • Work with internal innovation clients and our Sokowatch API to explore new innovative business models and user experiences that build on top of our data and our physical sensors, agent and vehicle infrastructure.
  • Choose the right automation tool for the lifecycle of the project, whether experimentation tools, data scripting, open-source prototypes & more, where maintenance is minimal and building is D.R.Y
  • Inspire teams to think more ambitiously through demo-first experiences leveraging your experience ie. incorporating assumptions you expect to be challenged after demo towards the final product
  • Incubate and hand over low-maintenance technology to the core product development team once product-market fit is established or on-track


  • Naturally curious and constantly improving, has a make-myself-obsolete mentality
  • Demonstrable portfolio & heavy involvement in end-to-end platforms
  • Experience going from zero to very usable technology prototypes (including data mining) to settle debates while there is attention and momentum is still there
  • Comfortable working with front-end, back-end & DevOps with good enough functionality, but where one area stands out from the market average.
  • Comfortable reusing, improving and troubleshooting someone else’s code, including open-source platforms and frameworks in newer/older languages
  • Established a set of tools to allow you to work quickly with new technology & user personas e.g. Docker for deployment, VWO for browsing playback
  • Epic communication skills and empathy for users, junior engineers and product teams, including not taking yourself and your suggestions too seriously
  • Passion and drive for solving problems, hacking processes and sharing your successes to inspire a hacking culture that seeks & celebrates automation
  • Demonstrable creativity with an emphasis on developing innovative solutions that leapfrog complex root problems with multiple symptoms and no clear answer.

Innovation Engineering Principles

We are primarily hackers. We “hack” by building for the root problems we observe and validate, not the symptomatic problems we often hear. Like hacking, we anticipate “the user” and their nuances because we have built inclusive platforms at scale, saving product discovery resources and improving through coding configurable assumptions.

We deliver rapidly. We anticipate and get moving with features that we know will be required despite shifting assumptions and pivots e.g. logging in, analytics, hosting, etc. and create tools and frameworks around them

We build live data prototypes good for 50,000 - 100,000 active users. We build inclusive technology solutions for the mass market user coming online and know how to leverage experiences that drive viral user engagement with minimal human intervention & marketing. We understand that automating menial tasks that most people ignore, gives more time for our users & clients to engage. We, like game developers, chase a positive emotional response to our technology, not just functionality, especially if we’re moving fast and breaking things.

We find validation in the engagement and usability of our platforms, and drive influence through value, not authority. With a keyboard, we can be just as impactful as we can be dangerous (T-shirts coming soon), so we prefer honesty over tact.

We can do all kinds of tasks, but not for “P.O.S” (reinvention) software. Best-practices tech is okay, but we prefer to build for new, ambitious agendas that require us to deliberate on their disruptiveness and take ethical shortcuts -- with support and input of our teams. M-Pesa self-limited their wallet to 70k in order to move faster than the regulator, while giving them the visibility to catch up.